About Us


INFOFLY travel and tourism agency is a leading provider of personal and business travel services. Since our founding, clients have benefited by engaging with us to manage their travel and meet their specific needs

As a result, we now handle all travel arrangements for travelers, personal and business alike to locations all around the world. We are consistently ranked among top travel service providers

We believe that travel is the best education. There is nothing like opening your eyes, mind and heart to new experiences. These beliefs are central to the INFOFLY culture and objectives. Each of our travel professionals will give you the individual attention to make your vacation or business travel plan smooth and pleasant



INFOFLY is ranked amongst the Top Leading Agencies in Lebanon. We are affiliated to UNIGLOBE, the 6th TMC in the world and hence we do serve our Customers Locally and Globally - ONLINE, OFFLINE and ONSITE

Intertravel has been selected as a Preferred Partner of the French Embassy

We are a well-established company - known for our Quality, Customer-Centric Services, Range of Products that are geared towards Multinational companies and Leisure Customers with extreme high expectations

In addition to our competent and dedicated team (Front & Back office, working around the clock and worldwide); and top Notch Technology


Agents in Lebanon may provide similar Products / Services. However, our competitive advantage lies in our focus on building a Trustful, Transparent Long Term Partnership. We are committed to offer our Customers impeccable services, swift answers, flexibility, professionalism and good pricing